The development and growth of the Agencia de Turismo Tigre (Tigre Tourist Agency) represents, from its creation in 2007, the decision to give the tourist activity a priority level corresponding to the wealth of attractions that Tigre offers, for all those Argentine and foreign tourists who wish to visit our city.

Formally, the Agency assumes the state´s role in setting up a system of high impact promotion to Argentina and the world;  a system that will contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the providers of tourist services already working in this activity, and to generate new investments necessary for the growth of this industry without chimneys.
The Municipio de Tigre (Tigre City Hall) gives to tourism a consistent importance in order to support the growth of this activity. Some goals need to be fulfilled for this purpose: Improve the supply on activities and services; attract new investment; provide a framework of competition; raise the quality of attention; establish solid communication systems, also open and to the private sector affected to this activity; value creativity, proactivity of initiatives; add the technology as an ally; in short, various parameters meaning our course when working for this activity so compelling and exciting.
Tigre is a privileged place to live, work and, of course, to visit and enjoy nature, sports, sun, entertainment, fun, peace, the river, gastronomy, adventure and many other values in its geographical dimension. The particularity of being minutes away from Buenos Aires City makes more noticeable contrast between vertigo and the typical tourist town climate.

We invite you to enjoy Tigre and live it intensely.
Julio Zamora
Mayor: Mr. Julio Zamora
Undersecretary of Tourism: Mr. Eduardo Adelinet
Undersecretary for Tourism Development: Mr. Julián Kopecek

Undersecretary for Tourism Planning: Mr. Sergio Castro

General Director of Tourist Development and Promotion: Mr. Mariano Lorenzetti
Director Coordinator Travel Services: Mrs. Noelia Castro
Director of Social Tourism Coordinator: Mrs. Sol Monsón
Address: Juncal 1600
Telephone: 4897-6444
Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm